traz_spaz (traz_spaz) wrote,


yes, i want to move, to feel my heart slip down the zipline into frantic territory, my bones and muscle locking and grinding against the rust and weight of the iron in the rhythmic highways of my blood vessels

i want to know every feather ounce, every crushing ton of freedom cased in skin, muscle scaffolding the tiers and pillars of my china-white bones, the snipsnap elastic tendons joining in a chorus of recoil and whiplash across my joints and sockets

all my pores contracting, squeezing the tiny hairs to standing, the wind-chime tingle across my skin and my chest pauses, throws itself wildly into my stomach, which lurches into the pillow of my gut and swoops to send the wind chimes clattering to the bottoms of my toes

this is my body.
and it wants to move.
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