traz_spaz (traz_spaz) wrote,

The greater to-do list

So I have one job interview possibly lined up. I should at least send out ten more resumes. Three days before I leave, I should print a binder of resumes to hand out in person where I may not have a printer.
I have to go to the bank and purchase a new checkbook before I leave.
I have to move my savings into checking before I leave.
I have to procure boxes for packing by next monday.
I have to give Cambo back his crash pad, and hopefully obtain one of my own.
I have to pack a plethora of things, list to come soon.
I have to find out how to absentee vote, and if I'll need to file a change of address.

Upon arriving in Boulder I must:
Write out first and deposit for Drew and Zach, take photos of the room prior to moving any of my stuff in, and meet up with Drew for a month-to-month lease agreement.
Start a new bank account, checking and savings
Create a P.O. Box in case I start bouncing all around Boulder.
Get a mattress and pallets, hopefully with Steven's help.
Look into government aid, and when I can apply for it.
Obtain a bus pass as quickly as possible.
Obtain a gym pass as quickly as possible.

Things I must pack:
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