traz_spaz (traz_spaz) wrote,

until we see each other again

where to start, where to
pause my motions and try to collect you
between my brain and my breath, stilled by
something you left in your wake

your name was immutable, strong and unsubtle
and shined like polished pitons on a western
face at sunset
and you, you were whipcord
something like a distillery of a man, you boiled yourself down
to your strongest minimum, and were content
to live like that
like a spirit

there's a moment i get to catch
out of the air, with avocado under your fingernails and
a smile frozen between your dimples
i watched your face fold as origami until
your laugh lines showed so clearly
you loved them, we loved them, little
tracks in the corners of your eyes

you told me not to push or pull, but only
to direct
where the power moved, and where it willed itself
to be, and you
over my shoulder, watching me shy away from the needle
and urging me to it again

watch me please, let me fall safely
as every piece i ever place will
endlessly remind me
of you


we miss you, zack.
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